Lahore is regarded as one of the world’s most famous cities in terms of multi cultural diversity and its artwork. Many acknowledge it as the city of gardens but that would not be fair enough to begin with its formal introduction. Whosoever visits Lahore will surely want to visit all the places that they have been longing to see. Well, if you are going to visit Lahore then surely you should be aware of the variety of food and lots of markets which it has. Let us quickly go through the top 5 places in Lahore which you must pay a visit to:

Lahore Fort

For all the vintage lovers, this a sweet treat for you guys when you come to Lahore. Lahore Fort is one of the oldest pieces of architecture in the city. Built in 1567 by Emperor Akbar, many of its walls have actually gone down but recently got fixed after public complained. From much to many times, the tomb went through multiple facelifts owing to the fierce damage that was done by Sikhs and the British. When you visit the place then you will be fantasized by the Sheesh Mehal which still exists today.


Lahore Museum

Willing to see something really old? Lahore Museum is here for you to provide the oldest of all collections of the country. The most amazing thing about this museum is that it houses 10 different categories , with each of them having collections of coins, Islamic art work, arms and a lot of other stuff. You will be surprised to know that the museum has some things which date back to as far as the Stone age. If you are looking forward to go to a place after lunch, then Lahore museum is surely the place which you will need to go and see.


Badshahi Mosque

Visited Lahore Fort already? Extend your vision to see a marble domed Badshahi mosque in its neighbors. Surprisingly, the mosque can easily hold more than 1 lac worshipers at a time. The mosque is mostly famous for housing one of Prophet Mohammad’s hair. There are many other artifacts kept near the sacred hair like a Quran written with gold as well. You can enter these rooms with Rs.5.

Shalamar Gardens

This is perhaps one of the oldest gardens in Lahore from the Mughal era. If you are tired of travelling in and around the streets of Lahore then buy some fresh fruits and hop in the garden to sit under the oak trees. This site has been identified with UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its amazing architecture and ornamental ponds. It is not very large or humungous but is a good example of the Mughal era.
Jahangir’s Tomb
This tomb dates back to the 17th century and is said to have been built on the orders of Nur Jahan, who was the wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. It resembles Wazir Khan Mosque and the inside has been well decorated by marble mosaics. The tomb has been perfectly divided into different rooms and designed in a very traditional way.